Sell Your Rugs At Auction

Sell rugs in our auction

The decision to sell your rug begins with a free valuation from Nazmiyal before we can agree to auction the item. If you have an antique or vintage rug that you would like to sell, our team of experts will be happy to provide an estimate, orchestrate the auction details and work with you through each part of this three-step process. We will help you with the following:

  • Completing a valuation and deciding to sell
  • Signing a contract and setting a reserve price
  • Receiving payment

1. Completing a Valuation and Deciding to Sell

Completing a free valuation is the first step in the selling process. For your convenience, all valuations are complimentary, and the process may be completed several different ways. Choose the option that is best suited to your needs.

  • In Person: Visit us in person with your item to receive a preliminary estimate. This service is available Monday through Friday during our normal business hours. Call for an appointment and receive directions to our gallery.
  • Online: Valuations may also be completed by email if you are unable to visit our showroom. To complete an email valuation, just fill out out online valuation form and submit photographs as directed.
  • At Home: In-home valuations are available to clients who have large private collections that are more extensive and have greater value. Please contact our main office to request an in-home valuation.

2. Signing a Contract and Setting a Reserve Price

After your item has been appraised online, specialists will work with you to determine whether the time is appropriate for out auction, and we will address any other considerations or concerns that you may have. This post-valuation discussion will cover preliminary auction estimates, recommendations on the auction venue, and details about the possible timing of the sale.

If you decide that an auction is the right option for your item, you will be able to sign a contract immediately, and we will accept the item to be photographed and prepared for auction. Your sales contract will include the item’s estimate, a reserve price if one has been determined, and other important details.

Each lot published by Nazmiyal is subject to a seller’s commission and auction fees, including photography costs and insurance premiums to protect items in our care. Your client representative will discuss these charges when you submit the item. All surcharges are outlined in our full conditions of sale and schedule of auction fees.

3.  Receiving Payment

After an auction has ended, the seller will receive a notification containing preliminary payment details. All fees as well as a 15 percent seller’s commission will be deducted from the closing price. Nazmiyal will process auction payments 10 banking days after the auction closes, as long as the full payment has been received and the buyer hasn’t filed a claim. For more details, see our full conditions of sale.