Best Deals on Rugs at Nazmiyal Auctions

Best Deals on Rugs at Nazmiyal Auctions

Nazmiyal’s Second Auction is Full of the Best Deals on Rugs


If you missed Nazmiyal’s exciting first auction, now’s your second chance to get in on the action.


You might have heard that the experts at Nazmiyal are expanding their services into the auction world. After the incredible success of the first auction in July, interior designers, dealers, and private consumers are all looking forward to seeing what the September auction holds.


With over a hundred stunning pieces in the upcoming auction, everyone is sure to find something they like. Especially for those lucky enough to snag a rug at the starting bid, it’s probably the best price at which you will ever be able to find a fine antique or vintage rug.


Since every single piece in the auction is a great buy, it’s hard to pick just a few to share with you. But we combed through all the lots and picked a few of our favorite, most outstanding deals.


Check out the compilation:


Antique East Turkestan Khotan Carpet


East Turkestan Khotan Carpet | Nazmiyal
Antique East Turkestan Khotan Carpet


This gorgeous grey carpet is an antique Khotan from East Turkestan. Khotan carpets are incredibly popular with rug fans. However, you don’t often come across a Khotan in this color palette. If you’re looking for a neutral-toned, low-key design piece that’s a little unusual, this rug is your best bet. Usually Khotan rugs go for much higher (especially at this size – this one is 6’6 x 9′), but at Nazmiyal Auctions this rug has a starting bid of $2,000.


Vintage Persian Tabriz


Vintage Persian Tabriz | Nazmiyal
Vintage Persian Tabriz c. 1950’s


If you’re in the market for a very fine Persian Tabriz rug, there’s no better place to look than Nazmiyal Auctions. This particular Tabriz is vintage from the 1950’s and yet couldn’t be in better condition. Not only that, but it’s not everyday that you find one in this particular color scheme. A rug like this would normally go for at least $16,000, but at Nazmiyal’s September 15 auction, the starting bid is only $3,000. It doesn’t get better than that.


Modern Swedish Design Kilim From India


Swedish Kilim from India | Nazmiyal
Swedish Design Kilim from India


If you’re looking for a more modern design, we have you covered there too. On the more fun, colorful side is this Swedish Kilim design from India. For such a popular design, this rug comes in at one of the most jaw-dropping prices at the auction: a starting bid of $100. You can hardly find a rug this size (8′ x 11’6) on Amazon, let alone a vintage one of such incredible quality like at Nazmiyal Auctions.


Antique Persian Isfahan


Antique Persian Isfahan | Nazmiyal
Antique Persian Isfahan


This very fine Persian Isfahan rug is in mint condition. The animal patterned rug is situated on an ivory background, which is incredibly rare for this type of rug. Ivory is very hard to find in older pieces. However, not only have you found it, you’ve found it at an impressive price! While a piece like this would typically retail for $8,000 to $10,000, the starting bid at Nazmiyal Auctions is only $1,500.


Final Thoughts


So there you have it. Hopefully, by browsing through some of our top picks, you have realized how incredible the deals and selection at our September 15th auction are.


This auction blog was published by Nazmiyal Auctions.

How to Sell Rugs at Auction

How to Sell Rugs at Auction

Want to Sell Rugs at Auction? Nazmiyal Can Help

Nazmiyal’s auctions are a great place to purchase a special carpet for your home or office, but it is also an excellent resource if you have one or even a collection of rugs that you would like to sell. Perhaps you inherited a carpet or a whole collection of rugs and can’t use them, or perhaps you have one in storage that you have not seen in quite some time. Maybe you are moving and the carpet doesn’t fit into your new space or lifestyle. For whatever reason you no longer want your rug, Nazmiyal is a great place to get a fair price for it.

Why Sell Rugs Through Nazmiyal Rug Auctions

There are many reasons to consider selling your carpet on consignment through Nazmiyal Auctions. First, we have access to a global marketplace. If you try to sell your carpet yourself, you may not have access to the largest market. Secondly, Nazmiyal has a reputation as one of the largest and most trusted carpet dealers in the world. We have a global reputation for offering unique, vintage carpets that you cannot find anywhere else, and we offer them at prices that are fair. Selling your rugs at our auctions allows you to instantaneously tap into our excellent reputation and established customer base.

Nazmiyal has been in the rug business since 1980 and knows the ins and outs. We know what rug holds its value and what does not. We keep up with the latest trends, and this allows us to give fair recommendations and appraisals to both buyers and sellers. We provide the platform and serve as a neutral third party throughout the process. We have the best interests of both parties in mind.

Sell Rugs | Nazmiyal Auction

How Selling Your Rugs at Auction Works

All of our fees are disclosed up front. You know what to expect at the end of the auction. The process of selling your rugs at auctions is streamlined and easy. We are with you every step of the way. It goes like this:

  • We complete a free, no-obligation auction valuation of the carpet.
  • You decide you want to sell your carpet at our auction.
  • You sign a contract and we work with you to get the rug to our Manhattan showroom.
  • We place your rug in one of our auctions. 15 days after we receive payment for the carpet, we will remit the payment to you.
  • Once your rug sells in our auction, you don’t need to do anything other than wait for your payment. We will make arrangements with the highest bidder to physically deliver the carpet, collect the payment, and so forth.

Initial Auction Appraisal of Your Rugs

We have three different ways that you can take the first step in the auction selling process. All evaluations are complimentary and may not reflect the actual selling price of the carpet. You can choose the method that best suits your needs.

Rug Auction Appraisal in Person

Visit us and get an auction appraisal in person. You can visit us and allow us to view the carpet first hand. Please make arrangements ahead of time by calling +1 (212) 213-5776. We are available Monday through Friday during our regular hours.

Online Rug Appraisal For Auction

With this method, you submit images of the rugs you want to sell at auction. If you are unable to visit us in person, we can give you an initial evaluation of the carpet via email at You can fill out our online form and submit the necessary photographs. Please note that auction estimates may change once we inspect the rug in person.

In Home Rug Inspection and Auction Evaluation

In some cases, especially for those that have a large collection of rugs, we may be able to come to your home to evaluate the carpets. This is typically the preferred way if you have an extensive, private collection or a truly rare and high value piece. You may contact our office if you feel that you have a carpet that qualifies. For in home evaluations there may be travel expenses, so please contact us to learn more.

Once you decide to sell at our auction, you just sign the contract. At this point, we take possession of the carpet and will start cataloging it. We take photographs and prepare the item for auction. All commissions and fees to be received by Nazmiyal will be stated clearly in the contract.

Sell Rugs Appraisal | Nazmiyal

During and After the Rug Auction Sale

Once the contract is signed, and the carpet is in our possession, your part is finished. All you have to do is to sit back and wait for us to do the rest. Once the auction is over, Nazmiyal should receive payment from the highest bidder within five days. We will make arrangements to deliver the carpet to the buyer and send your payment to you within 15 banking days of auction close in most cases.

Nazmiyal Auctions makes it easy for you to “re-home” your antique Oriental carpets. We have the expertise and experience to help you get a fair price. We make the process smooth once you decide to sell. Our team of experienced staff is with you from the very beginning through the final payment and delivery. Our reputation in the business and access to a global market is the best reason to consider using us as the broker for your carpet treasure.

Click here to view our auction sellers’ page.

This auction blog was published by Nazmiyal Auctions in NYC.

How to Buy Rugs at Auction

How to Buy Rugs at Auction

Buy Rugs and Bid: Auctions Made Easy

If you are a “rug maven”, you are probably already familiar with Nazmiyal’s collection of fine Oriental carpets. We offer special rare, antique, and vintage rugs that are a cut above what you can find on the rest of the market. We specialize in finding those valuable, rare, one-of-a-kind rugs that only come around once in a lifetime. We have a wide selection of tribal rugs, Moroccan Berber carpets, Persian carpets, Chinese carpets, Turkish rugs, and a vast collection of decorative rugs. We have carpets from the master weavers of the late 1800’s and a selection of vintage mid-century rugs. Our selection covers the globe, and we have many museum-quality collector’s pieces.

We have a solid reputation in the business and have been around since 1980. This means that we have built a global network and have strong relationships with both buyers and sellers of fine rugs and rare carpets all around the world. At our rug auctions we act as an intermediary and make certain that the carpets we decide to offer are of the highest quality and that they are offered up at a fair price. We also make the bidding process and buying at our rug auction easy.

We encourage you to visit our showroom to see the carpet that you hope to buy at auction first hand. Buying rugs at our auction but can’t visit? No problem. Pictures are the next best thing. Our experts are here and will offer any assistance possible for those looking to buy rugs at our auction. We can provide you with additional pictures and answer any questions you may have about the carpet.

Rug Shopping | Nazmiyal

Placing Bids and Buying Rugs at Auction

When you see something you like, we encourage you to ask questions and read our Terms of Service prior to placing a bid. Once you are ready to buy a rug at our auction, you have three ways you can place a bid:

  • Place bids online
  • Bid by phone
  • Leave absentee bids

Buying Rugs at Auction: Online

You can place a bid on our online auction platform at This option allows you to place a bid from anywhere around the world at any time of the day or night. To place a bid, you must first register for an account and confirm your email. Once that is complete, you are free to begin bidding and buying rugs at our auction sales.

Buying Rugs at Auction: Phone Bidding

Using this option, you schedule to have one of our staff call you a few minutes before the item you are interested in bidding on goes live. Once the item comes up, the staff member will let you know the asking price. You can then decide if you wish to stay in and continue bidding or not. The staff member will serve as your proxy and keep you informed of changes in the bid and whether you are the current high bidder.

Phone bids are set up on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to reserve your place early.

You can set up a phone bid by calling +1 (212) 213-5776. You can also send us an email at with your completed bidder form to reserve your place.

Click here to view our telephone bidding form.

Buying Rugs at Auction: Absentee Bidding

If you are looking to buy rugs at our auction, you have the option of leaving absentee bids. On the form, you will enter your maximum bid for each lot for which you intend to bid on. Your maximum bid excludes the buyer’s commission. When the auction begins, our system will increase your bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid. It will attempt to secure the carpet for you at the lowest possible price.

Click here to view the absentee bidder form.

Buy Rugs at Auction | Nazmiyal

Once the Rug Auction is Complete

Once the auction is complete, if you are the highest bidder and were able to buy a rug through our auction, we prefer that you arrange to make payments within three days of the auction close. All payments must be received within five business days. We have several ways to make payments, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Once payment has been received and cleared, you may pick the carpet up in person, or we can arrange to have it shipped to you. We encourage you to read our full Terms of Service for complete details about this portion of the buying process. Buying carpets at Nazmiyal Auctions gives you access to some unusual finds. Our collection includes some rare and magnificent antiques. You never know what may come up for auction through private estates and collections. We provide support throughout the entire process to make bidding and buying easy.

The best part about buying a carpet through Nazmiyal Auctions is that you have the opportunity to purchase a great carpet at a deep discount. Our staff is with you every step of the way and makes the auction buying process as easy as possible for you. Be sure to keep an eye out on our auction page to see what is coming up. You never know what you might find.

This auction blog was published by Nazmiyal Auctions in NYC.

How to Roll Rugs

How to Roll Rugs

How to Roll Rugs for Shipping or Storage

If you’re consigning and shipping a rug to Nazmiyal Auctions, it’s important that you roll your rug up properly to avoid any damage to the rug in transit. Luckily, we’ve put together this handy step-by-step guide of how to roll rugs for your reference. To start, this gif shows all the steps in one process:

Rolling Rug by Nazmiyal
Full process of rolling a rug

Next, we’ll break it down into individual steps.

Step by Step Instructions for Rolling Your Rug:

1. Lay the rug flat on the ground.

How To Roll Rugs by Nazmiyal

2. Grab the corners on one side, and fold them one third of the way in.

How To Roll Rugs by Nazmiyal

3. Do the same thing with the corners on the other side, so your rug is now trifolded.

How To Roll Rugs by Nazmiyal

4. Fold over one end of the rug about halfway.

How To Roll Rugs by Nazmiyal

5. Fold the other end of the rug over the first fold, so they are overlapped.

How To Roll Rugs by Nazmiyal

6. Fold over the end of the rug one more time.

How To Roll Rugs by Nazmiyal

7. Roll your carpet. Roll from the fold to the end.

How To Roll Rugs by Nazmiyal

And you’re done! Now your carpet is ready to store or ship.

How To Roll Rugs by Nazmiyal

Check out our instructional video if you need more help:

This auction blog was published by Nazmiyal Auctions in NYC.

Rug Consignment at Nazmiyal Auctions

Rug Consignment at Nazmiyal Auctions

Consigning Rugs for Auction

So you’ve just inherited a whole bunch of rugs and they don’t go with your decor. Or you just got remarried and your partner hates your rug collection.

What do you do?! You call Nazmiyal Auctions!

We’re here to get rid of your unwanted rugs and get you good money for them. At Nazmiyal Auctions, we source rugs from all over the world and from all different types of sellers. We’re always on the lookout for high-quality consignments. Everyone from individuals to businesses to museums use our services to buy a rug. If you have a rug you think would be a good fit for Nazmiyal Auctions, take a look at the outlines below and then send us a message; we’d love to hear from you.

Auction Hammer by Nazmiyal

What We Look For

Nazmiyal Auctions takes vintage and antique rugs on consignment. Before sending us your rug for sale, please take a look at our outline of rugs we’re looking for:

  1. Generally, the older the better. Most of our vintage and antique rugs are 50 years or older.
  2. We’re always on the lookout for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. This means we don’t take new program pieces.
  3. Our auction customers are looking for vintage and antique rugs, and those are what sell the best.
  4. We encourage you to bring the rug to our New York City showroom if you’re able; just make sure to make an appointment first.
  5. You can also reach out to us for an estimate and have a third party bring the rug to us at your own expense.

Check out our instructional guide on how to roll a rug if you’re shipping it to Nazmiyal Auctions.

If you’re not positive your rug lines up with these preferences, just send us the information following the guidelines below! We’d love to take a look at it and work with you to see if it’s what we’re looking for.

How to Sell to Nazmiyal

If you’ve established that you have a rug you want to sell to Nazmiyal, we have some guidelines you should stick to when sending us the rug info. Please include:

  1. The dimensions of the rug (length and width)
  2. The condition of the rug – How much wear does it have? Does it have any holes, stains, or tears? and other relevant condition information.
  3. Any information you may have regarding provenance of the rug. This can include where it was acquired, who owned the rug before you, etc. Provenance information is crucial when we are deciding whether or not to buy the rug.
  4. Finally, please include at least three pictures of your rug. Show the entire carpet as well as the details. It’s also important to include a close-up picture of the back of the rug.

For larger collections, we can do on-site evaluations, just make sure to send us images and information about the rugs beforehand.

Now that you know the guidelines of selling your rug and what we’re looking for, send us a message at and discuss pricing and other details with our knowledgeable expert staff.

This auction blog was published by Nazmiyal Auctions in NYC.

Rug Shopping for Oriental Rugs

Rug Shopping for Oriental Rugs

Rug Design is Timeless

You can see by looking at collections over the years, rugs have been a huge influence in art and décor. In fact, if you look at some of the greatest designs in history, they are still being used every day today. Look at Henry VIII, for example, who owned hundreds of Turkish rugs that can be seen in his many portraits. These rugs allow us to see how art has evolved and times have changed, although a lot of the components and ideas are still present in today’s décor. That is why, when choosing a new oriental rug or carpet for your home, don’t just consider the patterns that are trendy or popular. Trends come and go. The best designs will stand the test of time. This rug shopping guide will be your reference to choosing the best piece.

Consider the Design First When Rug Shopping

Choosing a rug for your home or office is also more than picking your favorite color or a pattern you like most. You want to consider an item that complements your existing décor, of course. But, you also want to find a design that has a harmonious pattern. Is it balanced? Does the design feel well-spaced without? A rug has to be able to stand alone with a beautiful pattern to be a welcome addition to your space.

Opt for Naturally-Dyed Carpets for Brilliant Color

Oftentimes, antique carpets and rugs are composed of hand-spun, naturally-dyed yarn. In fact, rugmakers in Asia and the Middle East started using natural dyes thousands of years ago. The richness of these colors can not be reproduced with synthetic dye. Synthetic dye dates back to 1860. People that want the quality of originals often don’t consider purchasing rugs that were made after this date, as synthetic hues will fade over time. 

Plus, these naturally-dyed yarns contain colors that aren’t usually present in today’s rugs. These colors include shades of green, saffron yellow, cochineal rose, and Tyrian purple. However, by 1940, synthetic hues were revisited, and more quality colors were produced. This enormous range of colors is resistant to fading. 

Natural Dyes by NazmiyalNatural dyes provided a more vibrant color for rugs.

Be Mindful of the Knots, Wefts, and Warps

A warp refers to the backbone of an Oriental rug. It consists of strands of yarn, silk, wool, or cotton that are stretched vertically on the loom, before the weaving of the rug begins. When the rug is complete, the warp will be cut from the loom, leaving a fringe on the rug or carpet. 

Rug Warps by Nazmiyal

The weft also composes the backbone of a rug. It is threaded horizontally into the warp. It goes over and under each successive vertical warp. Typically, the strength of the warp is higher because it has to be stretched more doing the production of a rug. 

Rug Wefts

Knots refer to the bumps in a rug that are repeatedly placed in rows between the wefts. They are clipped to produce the final product. Lots of rugs are described in terms of knots per square inch. Higher numbers represent finer rugs with a more intricate pattern. 

What Type of Rug Do You Want?

There are also different types of rugs to consider when looking at Oriental rugs are carpets. 

  • Flatweave: Refers to a thinly woven rug with no pile. These rugs are usually reversible and benefit from a rug pad underneath them.
  • Hand Hooked: These rugs are made by pulling small loops through a canvas and securing them with a protective backing.
  • Hand Knotted: A warp thread and weft thread are used to create these rugs on a large loom. Rows of knots are tied along the warp and weft to create the knotted look.
  • Hand Tufted: Created by loading individual threads in a tufting gun and pushing the threads through a canvas. A fabric backing is applied to preserve the design.
  • Machine Made: These rugs are made using an electronically-controlled loom.
  • Shag: Refers to a rug that has a thicker or fluffier pile.
Flat Weave Rugs by Nazmiyal
An example of flat weave rugs.

Consider the Rug’s Origin when Rug Shopping

Rugs are usually classified by their origin. Their origin can affect their design, their intricacy, and their materials. It also greatly affects how they are made. Is it a rug that was carefully hand-woven in a smaller village or tribe? Was it mass-produced in the factory of a large city? They each have their own perks.

  • Royal: A royal carpet’s origin dates back to the 16th century. These rugs were made for Islamic courts.
  • Town: These carpets were woven in workshops of different towns, as far back as the 19th century.
  • Tribal: A tribal carpet refers to a rug woven by nomadic tribal weavers and their design typically reflects the tribe’s culture and ideals. Examples include the Belouch, the Kurds, the Qashqai, and the Turkmen.
  • Village: These carpets were produced in the home throughout different villages and settings. They are each unique, as their designs was completed by memory.

Take Meticulous Care of Your Purchase after Rug Shopping

Once you’ve decided on a rug that you can’t live without, you need to make sure to carefully care for it to preserve it for years to come. After all, some antique rugs can become priceless heirlooms. If nothing else, they are a notable piece of history. If they do end up requiring restoration, it can severely hinder the value of the rug. Any fading, staining, or chemical washing will affect the rug’s present value. However, the older and rarer a rug is, the more forgiving collectors will be. After all, the rug is still a rare artifact that some collectors simply have to have. 

Keep in mind, rugs composed of silk are much more fragile than other textiles and can become worn more easily. You must use careful care when drying a silk rug, if it becomes wet or requires cleaning. If done incorrectly, they can split. Most antique rugs, however, are made to last for years. In fact, they are more durable than commercially-made rugs today. 

Store and Protect it Carefully

You should plan to clean and maintain your rug regularly. When vacuuming, be sure to use a light setting to avoid pulling the fibers. If it does require a more thorough cleaning, such as for a spill or stain, be sure to consult a professional carpet cleaner. 

Your rug can accrue serious damage if they aren’t stored properly too. They can be affected by water or insects. Or, mold or mildew can begin to grow. Make sure when you do store your rug, that you roll it, starting from the bottom, with the pile on the inside. If it is a silk rug, the pile should be on the outside. Make sure not to try to fold it, as it could begin to crack. 

Purchasing an Oriental rug or carpet is a major decision. However, it’s one that you won’t regret. Just be sure to put careful thought into your purchase; it’s time that won’t be wasted. What design looks most harmonious in your home? What colors do you want to integrate into your decor? Once you make the purchase, plan to clean and protect it. This is also time well-spent. Happy shopping! 

This auction blog about rug shopping was published by Nazmiyal Auctions.