Vintage and Antique Carpets at Rug Auction

Buying rugs at an auction can be a great experience and an excellent opportunity to buy a beautiful rug at a reasonable price. Nazmiyal Auctions, with 4 decades of experience in the rug industry and nearly 2 decades of experience running auctions, is now making rug auctions more accessible than ever with the launch of a new online auction platform.

Why Buy Antique Rugs at Auction?

For collectors, interior designers, dealers, and private clients, vintage and antique rugs are a hot commodity. For the most part, modern rugs can’t even compare to antiques in terms of intrinsic value as a piece of art. While modern rugs are currently manufactured en masse and represent whatever design trends are accessible at the time, sometimes using cheap materials to make them more cost-effective, antique rugs were carefully labored over by master rug weavers. Furthermore, many antique rugs were created with vegetable dyes or dyes derived from insects and fixed to last indefinitely. These dyes were different than modern chemical dyes because it was nearly impossible to achieve the same hue each time, giving each rug its unique look. As such, these antique rugs each carry a story, history, and personality. The beauty and history that goes into every single antique rug are desired because of its ability to bring life and emotion into an otherwise dull living space. Antique rugs are also considered an investment as they retain and sometimes even increase their value if they are kept in good condition.
These highly sought after collectible pieces of art are becoming rarer as the years go by. Not only are they valuable because of their history, but they are valuable because there is always a market for vintage rugs and their resale value. This is why rug auctions are an incredible opportunity to search for the best pieces and acquire the rugs at great prices.
Auction Gavel by Nazmiyal

Antique Rugs at Auction

So why buy antique rugs at an auction as opposed to directly from a dealer? For starters, if the auction is being run by a reputable company with reliable buying power in the rug industry the way that Nazmiyal is, they will be able to acquire the best rugs available at the lowest possible prices. Being in the antique rug industry for many decades and maintaining an honest, successful reputation means that when a new antique rug enters the market, Nazmiyal is almost always given first access and can negotiate the best price. It’s important to know what you are looking for and a little bit of information about the types of rugs you are looking for in general. If you have an idea in mind of a budget and the type of rug you are looking for, it is possible to find an incredible deal at an auction that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.
Since there is an excellent selection of rugs available at Nazmiyal Auctions, it’s possible that you could be the only bidder on the carpet that you want and buy it at the incredibly low starting price. Keep checking back to see the new rugs that are added and the great deals that are continually becoming available. You may also want to check out our glossary of terms.

Antique Rugs as a Decor Piece

Rugs are often the main decorating item of a room that the rest of the space is based around. Usually, if it is a good investment, the rug will be the most expensive piece in the room and set the tone for the rest of the decor. Since it is a big investment, it’s essential to choose a rug you like and consider spending a little more on a quality piece since it is something you will have for a long time. Depending on where in the room the rug is, as well as how big it is, it will decide where the eye will go first and what someone sees upon entering the room. It is the anchoring decor piece. As any fan of The Big Lebowski will know, “the rug really ties the room together”.
In auctions, rugs are moving fast, with rugs continually sold and new ones added. Keeping up with rug auctions means that you will regularly be seeing a changing selection, and could find the perfect piece for your space at any time. With a new online platform for auctions, Nazmiyal is making keeping up with the selection more accessible than ever.
Auction Rug Interior by Nazmiyal

Antique Rugs as an Investment

The value of an antique rug depends on the size, rarity, quality of wool, weave, color, condition, age, and design. Apart from intrinsic value, a portion of a rug’s value is based on changing trends and general taste. Generally, in terms of age, older rugs correlate to a higher value. This is because in earlier periods, rugs were woven using the absolute best materials, and careful attention was paid to the detail and quality of each rug. Additionally, in terms of size, it is usually (but not always) the larger rugs that are more expensive.
As such, buying a carpet based on trend as opposed to intrinsic value is not always the wisest choice when purchasing a rug as an investment. Collectible rugs, rare carpets, and “best” examples tend to be the best investment pieces, with a history of increasing value over time. However, many rugs can act as both a beautiful decor piece as well as an investment piece. For example, antique Persian rugs are not only a staple of interior design across time but are also woven carefully by hand, meaning they take long hours of careful work that results in a fantastic piece of art. Time heavily factors into the price of a rug, including the time it takes to grow and shear the sheep, produce the silk, tying and beating thousands of knots, and dye the rug. Rug auctions are a great platform to search for rugs in which to invest.

About Nazmiyal Rug Auctions

Nazmiyal Auctions brings together a varied, carefully selected assortment of beautiful antique and vintage rugs at the absolute best prices. A constantly changing selection means that collectors, interior designers, and private consumers will all be able to find a rug they like at a price they want. Rug auctions can be found anywhere, but there is only one place to find rugs from the most reliable company with the most experience in the industry, and that place is Nazmiyal Auctions.

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