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February 6th, 2020 

Vintage & antique rug collection

By Nazmiyal New-York


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Best Deals on Rugs at Nazmiyal Auctions

Nazmiyal's Second Auction is Full of the Best Deals on Rugs   If you missed Nazmiyal’s exciting first auction, now’s your second chance to get in on the action.   You might have heard that the experts at Nazmiyal are expanding their services into the auction...

How to Sell Rugs at Auction

Want to Sell Rugs at Auction? Nazmiyal Can Help Nazmiyal's auctions are a great place to purchase a special carpet for your home or office, but it is also an excellent resource if you have one or even a collection of rugs that you would like to sell. Perhaps you...

How to Buy Rugs at Auction

Buy Rugs and Bid: Auctions Made Easy If you are a "rug maven", you are probably already familiar with Nazmiyal's collection of fine Oriental carpets. We offer special rare, antique, and vintage rugs that are a cut above what you can find on the rest of the market. We...

How to Roll Rugs

How to Roll Rugs for Shipping or Storage If you’re consigning and shipping a rug to Nazmiyal Auctions, it’s important that you roll your rug up properly to avoid any damage to the rug in transit. Luckily, we’ve put together this handy step-by-step guide of how to roll...

Rug Consignment at Nazmiyal Auctions

Consigning Rugs for Auction So you've just inherited a whole bunch of rugs and they don't go with your decor. Or you just got remarried and your partner hates your rug collection. What do you do?! You call Nazmiyal Auctions! We're here to get rid of your unwanted rugs...

Rug Shopping for Oriental Rugs

Rug Design is Timeless You can see by looking at collections over the years, rugs have been a huge influence in art and décor. In fact, if you look at some of the greatest designs in history, they are still being used every day today. Look at Henry VIII, for example,...

Five Reasons to Choose a Vintage Carpet

Vintage Carpets are the Best Whether you’ve bought a new home that you’re trying to refurnish or are simply ready to make some changes in your house, decorating is an exciting and fulfilling experience. When it comes to adding a rug to your home, we believe that...

Rug Arrangement: A Creative Process

Ten Creative Ways to Arrange Rugs The most beautiful interiors have something in common: thoughtful rug arrangement. Rugs are quintessential in design. They can be layered, used to designate one space from the next, and most importantly give appropriate ambiance to...

Rug Symbolism: The History And Symbolism Of Oriental Rugs

The Meanings of the Rug Symbolism of Oriental Rugs There are ten distinctive designs of Oriental rugs. Once you understand the origin of the design and the meaning of the rug symbols, you will be able to read the design a lot easier. In the past, every Oriental rug...

Rug Auction Has Something For Everyone

Vintage and Antique Carpets at Rug Auction

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Vintage & antique rug collection

By Nazmiyal New-York